World Water Week in Stockholm

By Naty Barak- Netafim Chief Sustainability Officer

I have just returned from the World Water Week in Stockholm.

Following last year’s excitement when Netafim was awarded the Stockholm Industry Water Award and I personally met the King and Queen of Sweden, I expected this year’s meeting to be an anti-climax and disappointing.

Well, in a way it was – the royal couple did not greet me this time. However, as far as Netafim and drip irrigation is concerned, this year’s conference was another step in promoting the world’s awareness and recognition of the advantages of drip irrigation.


We made presentations in two workshops: Yoav Zeif, our Chief Commercial Officer, spoke at a workshop titled “Putting Drip Irrigation in Perspective: A Reality Check on the Promise of a Technology”. His specific subject was “Drip Irrigation Dissemination: Public and Private Sector Roles”.

I spoke at a workshop on Access, Poverty and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. I spoke about our recent project in Jharkhand, India, and the title of my presentation was “Innovative Drip Irrigation as a Tool for Alleviating Poverty, the Case of Jharkhand, India”. We also presented an electronic poster which you can see through here.

The CEO Water Mandate had its working conference adjacent to ours and led several interesting sessions.

After returning home from Stockholm, I am very optimistic.

Our efforts to drive mass adoption of drip to help achieve sustainable productivity are bearing fruits. The exposure and the recognition we receive are important and reaffirm that we are on the right path.

During this event we released our 2013 Sustainability Report. Many people did an outstanding job writing this report, which also presents our sustainability goals and strategy. You can view the report using this link:

Drip irrigation

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