Talking the walk with Naty Barak

At Netafim, we get things done. We are practical and action-oriented, always looking for new ways of doing more better and helping farmers grow more with less. Our history of more than 50 years is a testimony to our intensive activity to improve drip irrigation solutions and support farmers around the world with climate right systems that make a strong contribution to global food security and sustainable development. You will always find Netafim walking the talk.
However, it’s not enough to walk the talk. We need to talk the walk. This means continuing to raise awareness of the benefits of drip irrigation and exploring the new challenges and potential applications of drip irrigation that can solve agricultural and sustainable development issues. It’s true that only 5% of cultivated agricultural land is drip irrigated today. Barriers to mass adoption need to be broken down, one by one.
That’s why we have Naty Barak. As Netafim’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Naty is an active ambassador of drip, working with a diverse range of organizations world-over, talking about increasing the use of drip for the benefit of people and planet. It’s not empty talk. It’s talk that leads to real change.

Photo by Mary Kramer/Crain’s Detroit Business. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (right) meets with Naty Barak, chief sustainability officer of Netafim.

Just last month, in February, Naty spent time in Israel and the U.S. talking the walk on drip. For example, Naty and the team at Netafim Hatzerim in Israel welcomed a delegation of eight distinguished guests from Michigan state, headed by Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan’s 48th Governor. They heard the story of drip and visited jojoba fields in the desert, returning to the U.S. with ideas of how drip could benefit agriculture in Michigan. Also, Naty engaged with the President of the World Bank, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, during his first-ever visit to Israel. The panel discussion, which included other experts from government and industry, was organized by the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry and focused on “Innovation in a Developing World”.

In the U.S in February, Naty was no less active, meeting with groups from the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and USAID. In all cases, the talk was about climate-smart agriculture and possibilities to increase the scalability of drip in India, Ethiopia, Peru and other developing economies. Other topics of note included the role of subsidies in agriculture, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, halting the depletion of aquifers, shifting world food consumption of food from grains to vegetables (with higher volumes of climate-efficiently-grown vegetables) and more.

Talking the walk makes a difference. In the fields, we move forward drop by drop. In meeting rooms and conferences, we move forward conversation by conversation.

Contact us to learn more about our climate-right drip irrigation solutions.

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