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By: Naty Barak- Netafim Chief Sustainability Officer

I was in Tokyo recently for the inaugural meeting of the ISO 282 technical working committee. The team is made up of Engineers and Technicians and I was honored to have been elected Chairman. Our brief is to build standards for the re-use of wastewater. This includes: its use in agriculture, the urban environment as well as evaluation and monitoring.

Today, natural resources are coming under increasing stress, and the world is facing many challenges. Not least among them is water scarcity and aquifer depletion. Water availability is crucial for sustainable development, political stability and the growing need for food.

Wastewater recycling, together with other solutions such as: irrigation efficiency, responsible water policy and management, network monitoring and maintenance can offer a comprehensive solution. The re-use of wastewater not only offers untold opportunities, but also potentially exposes hazards unless it is carefully controlled.

Stakeholders need to tackle these risks and challenges via a coordinated and consistent framework of laws, subsidies, norms and directives within a global perspective.

This is where we get into the picture, and this is what we started in Tokyo. Our role is to create norms, directives and standards, which will bring technological, economic and societal benefits. Standards and norms will make the re-use of wastewater more efficient by harmonizing technical specifications.


Stakeholders need to tackle these risks and challenges via a coordinated and consistent framework of laws, subsidies, norms and directives within a global perspective.

Conformity to International Standards helps reassure consumers that products are safe, efficient and good for the environment, and with the re-use of wastewater this is specifically important.

Netafim is no stranger to ISO, in fact we currently operate according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, although I have to admit that this was my first time in being exposed to how a standard is structured.

The meeting was extremely enjoyable and constructive, with the participation of colleagues and delegates from Japan, China, Europe and the Americas.


During my stay in Japan, I also had a most interesting discussion with representatives from Deloitte Japan. We exchanged views on how the Global agriculture industry is expected to dramatically increase due to the forecasted economic/population growth and rapid urbanization in emerging countries. With a shortage of water resources, concerns over water efficiency and a rise in environmental conservation awareness, the demand for  efficient water and irrigation technologies  is expected to grow. Discussions turned to innovation and solutions in general and to the contribution Netafim has made in the world of micro irrigation by maximizing natural resources. Netafim is well-qualified to support the growth and development of irrigation businesses and contribute in building successful partnerships for a sustainable future.

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