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Rice is nice. Nicer with drip.

It’s not surprising that we are so interested in rice. A major food staple in many parts of the world, rice is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, providing more than one-fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans (Wikipedia). Around 160 million hectares of rice are cultivated each year around the world – that’s about 50 times the size of Belgium! So, it’s not surprising that we would want to focus our energies … Full article click here >>

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Drip irrigation for rice – proving that rice roots are not lazy!

For over a decade Netafim has been leading the way in growing rice with drip irrigation and not in paddies. This is just one of the solutions presented by Dubi Raz, Netafim’s Corporate Agronomy Director in an Expert Lecture during Agritech 2015. See the challenges facing today’s farmers, along with some of the solutions Netafim is offering, in the field of water savings, modern mechanized solutions, and more. This is just one of three expert talks presented at Agritech 2015, … Full article click here >>

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