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The Taste Of Italy Is Better With Drip

Polenta is one of Italy’s national foods alongside other favorites you will easily recognize, such as pasta and pizza. Versatile, tasty and very filling, polenta is a regular feature on menus around Italy, sometimes in combination with Parmesan cheese, another Italian specialty. Polenta and parmesan go well together and you can find many recipes for Parmesan Polenta to suit your taste. Parmigiano-Reggiano is the “official” name of this distinctive Italian cheese made from skimmed cow’s milk. It’s a strong-tasting, hard … Full article click here >>

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Increases of up to 40% in corn yield in India show the value of correct design, planning and management of drip systems

By Dr. V. Praveen Rao, (Director, Water Technology Centre) A growing world population, climate change, declining ground water and the requirement for more food production in several parts of India is pressing irrigators to look for more efficient methods of irrigation than the traditional surface methods of furrow irrigation. Drip irrigation can be a viable alternative when water is limited or when irrigation capacity is insufficient for traditional methods. Some research studies have revealed that drip irrigation can reduce irrigation … Full article click here >>

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