Standards For Better Drip

It’s a big responsibility being the worldwide leader in drip irrigation. Not only do we aim to support world prosperity through our irrigation solutions (check out our last Sustainability Report describing our strategy and support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs), we help set global standards for the benefit of all farmers who use irrigation systems.
Industry standards provide farmers with a tool to acquire and deploy irrigation systems that meet the most stringent quality standards and are manufactured in controlled and consistent processes. Standards provide a common language for determining quality, and for measuring and testing, so that farmers everywhere can understand what to expect from drip irrigation. All Netafim products are manufactured in conformance with and certified to relevant ISO (International Standards Organization) published standards. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beyond adopting these standards in our own operations, we work intensively in our home market in Israel and globally to spread the knowledge of Standards, and help define Standards to address new challenges. For example, Naty Barak, our Chief Sustainability Officer and Dubi Raz, our Head of Corporate Agronomy, presented last September at an ISO Seminar on Drip Irrigation in Stockholm, to advance knowledge and awareness of Standards for drip irrigation and identify gaps for new standardization initiatives.

Naty Barak also serves as the Chairperson for the ISO/TC 282 Water reuse Technical Committee for the development of a Standard to define the processes for re-use of wastewater in different ways, including drip irrigation. Netafim also participates in the Technical Committee, chaired by the Standards Institute of Israel (SII), ISO/TC 23/SC 18 Irrigation and drainage equipment and systems, to standardize irrigation equipment, sprinklers, durability and clogging test methods and more.

We work closely with SII to support the development of this Standard that will help ensure irrigation products are defined to deliver the best quality for farmers around the world.

Check out Naty Barak in this short video, talking about the value of Standards for Drip Irrigation:

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