Sacramento Spells Water Stewardship

If you’d been in Sacramento last week, you could have looked in on The California Water Stewardship Leaders’ Summit. Maybe you were, and you did. But if you didn’t, you missed Naty Barak, our Chief Sustainability Officer, explaining how drip irrigation supports a sustainable water future and citing some examples of how Netafim works in California.

The Summit was designed to promote corporate water stewardship and the California Water Action Plan by creating a shared vision for a sustainable water future. It was hosted by the CEO Water Mandate, an organization that mobilizes business leaders to advance water stewardship, sanitation and the Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and civil society. Netafim has been a member of the CEO Water Mandate for several years now and plays an active role. The co-host of the summit was the Pacific Institute. The event took the form of executive dialogues involving leaders from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia, and workshops to explore transformative pathways to achieve systemic change and advance multi-sector water stewardship partnerships.

Following the summit, there was a meeting of California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC), a platform for environmental organizations, food and beverage companies and agricultural producers to pursue collective action projects that will improve California’s water security for people, business, agriculture and nature.

California is a strategic region for Netafim. Since 1981 we have made our presence felt in the state, promoting drip irrigation and climate smart agriculture, making a significant impact on water conservation and agricultural efficiency across a range of high-value crops such as almonds, walnuts, wine grapes and tomatoes. Growers across California primarily use drip for these crops today. In addition, we are making headway in the uptake of drip for commodity crops such as alfalfa, corn and even rice. We have been involved in groundbreaking innovative applications, such as the use of cow manure to irrigate feed corn through drip irrigation at De Jager Farms in Chowchilla, California, with initial results demonstrating 30% reduction in water in one year and 20% improvement in yield per acre. We wrote about this in a previous post.

So, even if you didn’t make it to Sacramento, you can still join the global effort to conserve water. If you are a grower, drip irrigation is how you can do it!

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