Prestigious Water Industry Award Will Drive Us Even Harder

We’re very excited about the fact that the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) recently named Netafim the recipient of the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA). This prestigious award recognizes the business sector’s contribution to sustainable water management, and is granted each year to one company that has demonstrated devoted water stewardship.

Receiving SIWA, one of the most important awards in the water industry, represents a significant milestone for Netafim. Upon our establishment in 1965, we helped small-scale growers in Israel’s Negev desert and throughout the country overcome the region’s severe lack of water. At the time, we focused on solving problems close to home. However, we realized fairly quickly that the problems of Israeli growers are exactly the same as those of growers worldwide. So from that point on, we dedicated ourselves to spreading the drip irrigation “gospel” to all corners of the earth in order to improve grower performance as well as take on water scarcity – one of the world’s greatest challenges.

As a veteran of Netafim and as an Israeli, I feel great pride and satisfaction in our winning SIWA. First, it gives us an opportunity to take stock and enjoy our accomplishments over the last 48 years. As SIWI noted in announcing the award, over 10 million hectares of farmland are now irrigated by drip, which not only cuts water usage compared to other solutions, but also increases crop yields.

More importantly, however, winning the award inspires and supports us in our efforts to drive mass adoption of drip among growers of all sizes – from smallholders to large corporations – to help achieve sustainable productivity. Originally, drip was used for high-value crops in order to improve yield quantity, quality and consistency. Today, it’s being increasingly recognized as an effective method for fighting scarcity of water, arable land and food, and ensuring a sustainable future.

Currently, you can find owners of large sugarcane plantations in South America, corn growers in the US, and smallholders in Kenya, Brazil and India using our drip irrigation technology. But the road to mass adoption of drip is still long and winding. This award further strengthens our determination to continue leading the way in drip, and making it the solution of choice for all growers worldwide.

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