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Today, all of us at Netafim add our voice in support of the worldwide campaign to increase global awareness and drive action for the protection of the environment. Designated back in 1974 by the United Nations to be recognized annually on June 5, World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated in over 100 countries. More than a million people worldwide take part in WED activities to show their commitment to protecting the future of planet Earth. Each year, a different country … Full article click here >>

Major Gathering in LA

At the beginning of May, the Milken Institute, which is a not- for -profit think tank, determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health, held its conference in Los Angeles, California. Covering areas as wide ranging as: Aging; Education; Industry; Media and Developing Markets, and bringing together leaders from Industry, Government, NGO’s and Philanthropy, the conference is held over four very intensive, inspiring, dynamic days. At this year’s conference, … Full article click here >>

Wastewater is not waste. It’s water: Advancing the SDGs

At Netafim, we are expert in smart irrigation solutions that over many years have saved trillions of liters of water for farmers around the world. Of course, “trillions of liters” is not a precise or scientific count. But if you think that around 100,000 cubic kilometers of water are used for irrigation each year (that’s about 600 times the volume of Lake Tahoe in California), and typically drip irrigation will save between 30 and 60% of water versus other irrigation … Full article click here >>

Sustainable California with Almonds: Advancing the SDGs

A recent article published in “Food Ingredients 1st”, quotes: “The California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) shows that more than 70% of almond orchards report using water-saving micro-irrigation systems and more than 80% of growers report using demand-based irrigation in their orchards, which means they monitor weather, soil moisture and the trees themselves to determine exactly when and how much to irrigate, rather than watering on a pre-determined schedule”. In addition, Stacey Humble, Vice President of Global Marketing at the Almond … Full article click here >>

Boosting the smallholder economy: Advancing the SDGs

At Netafim, many of our efforts to drive mass adoption of drip irrigation include making drip accessible to smallholder farmers. Over the years, as awareness has grown, farmers have overcome their suspicion of new technologies and now understand the benefits of using more advanced systems. However, in many cases, even a very small initial investment is more than smallholder farmers, often living below the poverty line, can afford. Netafim has developed special solutions, such as the Family Drip System™, to … Full article click here >>

Innovate innovate innovate: Advancing the SDGs

Technological innovation at Netafim helps us stay ahead of the market and provide smart irrigation solutions for our customers around the world. Israeli water engineer Simcha Blass invented the micro-irrigation tube that ultimately became the first innovation of Netafim in the 1960s. From this brilliant but still fairly simple mechanism, we have developed an array of innovative irrigation products, each one addressing different agri challenges and improving the water, energy or yield efficiency of the growing process. For example, in … Full article click here >>

Leveraging the power of partnerships: Advancing the SDGs

Partnerships to Netafim is like irrigation to corn, cotton and sugarcane. We can’t imagine it any other way. Netafim’s entire history is based on partnerships. From our very beginnings, we have engaged with government and academia, partnered with two Kibbutz companies in Israel and collaborated with other private sector companies all over the world. We have always known that “it takes a village”. One of the most essential partnerships we maintain is with hundreds of dealers who spread the drip … Full article click here >>

More water, more everything: Advancing the SDGs

UN SDG Goal 6 is probably the one closest to our hearts here at Netafim. While the outcome of irrigation benefits all the other goals, at its heart, climate smart agriculture makes use of minimum water to deliver maximum yield. Irrigation is the key to efficiency in so many agricultural processes, and water conservation is a critical environmental necessity. At Netafim, for over 50 years, we have been teaching the world how to save water. Today, more than 660 million … Full article click here >>

Down with Desertification! Advancing the SDGs

We all live off the land. And although we are truly encouraged by the new agreement reached this week at COP21 in Paris, collectively, we have a long way to go to implement the planned mitigation of climate change and other Sustainable Development Goals. This week, our post focuses on land. Drip irrigation is at the nexus of water, food, energy and land use, optimizing climate smart agriculture to grow more with less. UN SDG Goal 15 is about protecting … Full article click here >>

Combating climate change – Advancing the SDGs

One of the lesser known effects of climate change is the reduction in agricultural productivity – for each 1 degree of temperature increase, grain yields decline by about 5%. The UN states that maize, wheat and other major crops experienced significant yield reductions of 40 megatonnes per year globally between 1981 and 2002 due to a warmer climate. While this is only one example of the way climate change is creating immense challenges for our sustainable life on this planet, … Full article click here >>