Our first comprehensive sustainability report offers extensive transparency into our global sustainability activities

As Netafim’s Chief Sustainability Officer I am constantly involved in our extensive global sustainability activities. Last week we have published our first comprehensive sustainability report. This was a great opportunity to stop and look back at what we have achieved so far, and I must say that my heart is filled with pride as well as encouragement and hope for the future.

About the report

The report, which is written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines at Application Level B, covers our sustainability performance in 2011. We have been constantly reporting on our sustainability activities through this blog and other channels, but this is the first time we have gathered all the information and put it in a single comprehensive report. The report covers our efforts to increase access to water and improve the quality of life in low-income countries. This includes our participation in the UN Global Compact LEAD initiative, and in the CEO Water Mandate, and several other leading sustainable development forums.

In our first report, we:

  • Introduce Netafim, our company history, vision, goals, corporate governance and the role we play in society and sustainable development.
  • Identify the stakeholder groups that we engage with and what’s most important to them in terms of Netafim’s impacts.
  • Discuss the issue of water poverty and the role we play in increasing access to water through our micro-irrigation (the Drip Revolution!) and crop management technologies, with many examples of how they have changed lives throughout the world.
  • Discuss the benefits of urban landscaping and give examples from Asia where this technology is being used to advance low-carbon city-living.
  • Disclose our performance as a responsible employer, as an expert source of support for our customers, our R&D developments at the cutting –edge of new irrigation technologies, and our impact on the environment. We also provide examples of our commitment to community empowerment and the activities we undertake around the world.

To download the report: click here

We believe transparency is essential for sustainable productivity and growth and therefore we intend to publish a full sustainability report, such as this one, every two years.

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