It’s not our commitment, it’s our business

After more than 30 years at Netafim, I can say that becoming Head of Sustainable Development is certainly the most challenging and rewarding position I’ve ever had. The reason is mainly because it is the realization of our essence. Sustainability is not merely a corporate business commitment, it is our business.

As Head of Sustainable Development I help bring all the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated for over four decades in order to help solve water scarcity and food and land shortages through modern efficient agriculture technologies.

Throughout the years at Netafim I was fortunate to take part in inspiring initiatives to alleviate water and food shortages around the world.  My recent active role in the steering committee of the UN CEO Water Mandate has reinforced our commitment to the cause. I am proud to say that in this initiative Netafim is not just a member that is affected by the water problem, we represent a solution to this problem. Our mission is to help educate farmers around the world about the efficiency of modern irrigation and how they can grow more with less resources.

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