Netafim Booth Attracts a High Level of Interest at Agritech 2012

As I return from Agritech 2012, I wanted to share how proud I am of Netafim’s participation during the event. Our booth was a great success. Our ultra-large-screen movie presentation – “The Evolving Story of Netafim and Drip Irrigation” – and “future wall” of innovations were a big hit among customers and random passersby alike. Our meeting rooms were buzzing with activity from morning till night. Over 900 customers, government officials and guests toured our three Israeli manufacturing sites during the week.

South Sudan Minister of Agriculture Visited Agritech
Delegations from all over the world visited our Agritech and our booth. One especially noteworthy visitor was the Minister of Agriculture of South Sudan, Betty Ogwaro, who spoke at a high level panel which I attended as well. I was very moved to listen to her, since South Sudan has become independent, Israel and Netafim have been contributing to this developing country’s irrigation systems.

Israeli Companies Boast Top-Level Agricultural Technologies
Every now and then, I found time to walk up and down the aisles of the exhibit to check out the booths of other companies. Viewing the advanced technologies offered by Israeli companies, I was filled with pride to see how the Israeli agricultural industry has flourished. It is true that Israel being a small country is not considered as a prominent competitor in the market for agricultural products. However, it has produced and continues to successfully produce the most advanced technologies that are currently and will hopefully be in the future, used throughout the world.

CIPA Presentation on Successful Implementation of Drip Irrigation
At the CIPA 2012 international conference at Agritech, I gave a presentation on Netafim’s successful implementation of large-scale drip irrigation projects, and discussed their socioeconomic impact on smallholders. I spoke about Netafim’s history and its global presence today. I also spoke about the water situation in the world today, the advantages of drip irrigation, and on the other hand, the disadvantages of other irrigation methods. In addition, I presented some success stories resulting from the installation of Netafim’s drip irrigation projects over the past 45 years, specifically among smallholders in developing countries. I stressed that investments in projects of this sort, whether on the private or government level, can lead to major long-term results in the future, including:

  • Shifting regions from subsistence to commercial agriculture
  • Capacity building through training and know-how transfer
  • Development of a knowledgeable agricultural society

FDS as an Everlasting Gift to South African Employees

Following my presentation, I met a group of South African private farmers. We discussed how they can implement an idea that they have in mind – of enabling each employee to set up an FDS (Family Drip System) on their own plot of land, in order to grow crops with minimal water and fertilizers, and then sell these crops in the market, thus providing them with a much needed additional source of income.

I think this year’s was one of the most memorable Agritech shows. As always, I am especially proud of the fact that as we grow our company and our world wide reach, we also contribute to the environment and to the world’s sustainable future.

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