Major Gathering in LA

At the beginning of May, the Milken Institute, which is a not- for -profit think tank, determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health, held its conference in Los Angeles, California.
Covering areas as wide ranging as: Aging; Education; Industry; Media and Developing Markets, and bringing together leaders from Industry, Government, NGO’s and Philanthropy, the conference is held over four very intensive, inspiring, dynamic days.
At this year’s conference, we were joined by personalities such as: Al Gore, Tony Blair, Tom Hanks and the heads of organizations, such as: GSK, Siemens USA, Microsoft and Honeywell. There was also a major contingent of US Governors and Senators as well as Ambassadors and political figures from around the world.
Within the framework of the packed conference schedule, the California – Israel Global Innovative Partnership- Agent of Change held its session.
In 2014, California Gov. Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched the California-Israel Global Innovation Partnership, a strategic alliance aimed at meeting such global challenges as water scarcity, agricultural productivity, low-carbon energy alternatives, and improved health, education and cybersecurity. Many of California’s and Israel’s world-class assets are involved, including research parks, technology incubators, universities and laboratories. The goal is to build public policies, create novel business models and develop innovative financing to help deploy solutions to the challenges facing these two dynamic, technology-driven economies.
The panel of business, scientific and government leaders reported on the progress to date as well as some of the partnership’s ideas for fuelling economic growth, raising productivity and reducing poverty and inequality.
Netafim has been a long-standing, proud partner in this Partnership and we see ourselves as an instrumental player in innovation within our field of activity.
California, for example is a US state with long term drought conditions and a yearning for innovative irrigation solutions. Netafim’s activity in California is extensive and currently an estimated 38% of growers use drip irrigation solutions for crops ranging from soya beans to grapes and even rice.
The emphasis is currently on developing advanced solutions for commodity crops such as corn, alfalfa and rice.

At Netafim, we see our values and vision, perfectly aligned with those of the California-Israel Innovation Partnership and in tune with Netafim Sustainability Management based on 3 pillars: Social Responsibility with a focus on social activities; Good Governance incorporating a Code of Business Conduct, Ethical Code Compliance and Environmental excellence, which is our core business.

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