From sustaining a small desert Kibbutz to global sustainability

Netafim was established in 1965 at our Kibbutz, Hatzerim. Looking back at those days, I could never have imagined that the decision to turn our drip irrigation invention into a business would have such an effect on the global agriculture market and today, global sustainability.

We were a small group of young people and our economy was based mainly on farming, which, in the Negev desert was not an easy task. We faced a limited source of water, saline soil, and poor yields. From the first experiments that we conducted with the new invention we realized that drip irrigation was the answer to our problems as farmers in an arid land. We soon discovered that results improved even further in better farming conditions, where rich soil was available.

Since the establishment of Netafim back in 1965, we always spoke about water scarcity, about food shortage, about shortages of arable land, knowing that drip irrigation can make a difference.  Today, this problem has become a worldwide concern that is no longer affecting the developing world alone. Future projections for increasing water stress and scarcity predict that it will soon affect the entire world. Our local concern has become a worldwide phenomenon and we hope that our experience will contribute to the alleviation of this problem on a global scale.

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