Leveraging the power of partnerships: Advancing the SDGs

Partnerships to Netafim is like irrigation to corn, cotton and sugarcane. We can’t imagine it any other way. Netafim’s entire history is based on partnerships. From our very beginnings, we have engaged with government and academia, partnered with two Kibbutz companies in Israel and collaborated with other private sector companies all over the world. We have always known that “it takes a village”. One of the most essential partnerships we maintain is with hundreds of dealers who spread the drip message and make our smart irrigation solutions available to farmers in every corner of the world. Our dealer-partners have grown with our business, many over more than three decades, and are truly part of our extended team.

Goal 17

We see UN SDG Goal 17 as critical to the achievement of all the other Sustainable Development Goals. With Goal 17, the UN has established targets to make finance and technology more accessible, advance capacity building and address systemic policy and institutional coherence in different countries. In particular, this includes “enhancing the global partnership for sustainable development, complemented by multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources”. At Netafim, we are glad to support Goal 17 by maintaining and intensifying our partnerships for sustainable development. This includes ongoing active support for the UN Global Compact and the LEAD program, our participation on the Technical Committee 282 of the International Standards Organization to develop a new standard for water re-use, our partnerships with organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Economic Forum, USAID a host of other organizations including academic institutions around the world.


Photo Credit: Figaro Consortium. Sensors and satellite imaging for precise irrigation monitoring

One particularly exciting example is our collaboration in a multi-stakeholder partnership called the FIGARO Consortium, (FIGARO = FlexIble and precise irriGation plAtform to Improve faRm scale water prOductivity) a four-year collaborative project initiated by the European Commission. FIGARO will deliver breakthrough capabilities to growers by providing a tool that adjusts irrigation and fertigation levels based on dynamic real-time multi-source data, enabling farmers to grow much more with much less. The FIGARO Consortium is coordinated by Netafim and includes 6 irrigation technology companies, 7 prestigious universities and an independent research center. In 2016, the final year of the initiative, the FIGARO partnership will deliver its proven solution to enhance crop agriculture in an unprecedented way. We could have not achieved this alone. The power of partnership is key to sustainable development.

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