Inclusive economic growth: Advancing the SDGs


This third post in our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) series is about inclusive economic growth. If there is one thing we have come to learn about drip irrigation, it’s that it unlocks the key to improving livelihoods for many who would otherwise struggle in poverty. Drip irrigation leads to economic advancement and a richer quality of life for farmers, their families and entire communities.

SDG Goal 8 is an intention to “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”. It is supported by 10 targets that include achieving 7% annual GDP growth in the least developed countries, raising economic productivity, encouraging small enterprises and improving accessibility to jobs while protecting the human rights of workers. Drip irrigation is a critical driver for achieving such targets.

Farmer Field Day small 1

As usual, we have several examples of practice, but we share just one in this post – in fact, it’s a current project we are especially proud of so you may have heard us refer to it already. It’s the largest-ever drip irrigation project in India – a $62 million initiative to benefit farmers in the southern state of Karnataka. Through this initiative, supported by an enlightened Minister for Water Resources, M.B. Patil, and local government, we are partnering to build an automated pipeline network to source water for drip irrigation across 11,700 hectares reaching 6,700 farmers in 22 villages. Over and above the saving 50% of water consumption versus traditional irrigation methods, participating farmers benefit from our drip irrigation systems to increase crop production. Through this initiative, farmers develop their capacity to earn an independent and sustainable livelihood.

In addition to the 65,000 farmers Netafim reaches with drip irrigation in India today, the farmers participating in the Karnataka project are a living demonstration of how we at Netafim are collaborating to help make realize SDG Goal number 8.

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