Global Compact CEO Water Mandate in Mumbai, India

From March 5-7, I attended the Conference on Corporate Water Stewardship of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate conference in Mumbai, India.

The sessions in this multi-stakeholder conference focused on a wide range of water-related challenges facing India and the world in general, as well as the spectrum of actions that companies are taking in India and elsewhere to mitigate water risk and support more sustainable water management.

Randhir Chauhan Presents Netafim India’s Success Stories in Drip Irrigation Achieving Crop Sustainability

At the conference, Randhir Chauhan, the Managing Director of Netafim India, gave a presentation titled Corporate Stewardship: Partnering to Improve Agricultural Practices, followed by a panel discussion. It was interesting to hear about Netafim India’s projects that have successfully achieved crop production sustainability utilizing drip irrigation and innovative agricultural practices. These projects are helping India, which suffers from limited resources and exponential population growth, to become environmentally sustainable. He told how Netafim India installed drip irrigation systems in many areas, including Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, with farmers producing more and better-quality crops with less water, and how this has improved the farmers’ livelihoods. Randhir emphasized some of their partnerships with other private sector companies, most of them endorsers of the Water Mandate, such as Walmart, PepsiCo, McCain, Unilever, and Coca-Cola, and how they have helped them become more sustainable through installation of drip irrigation to grow their products.

CEO Water Mandate will be incorporated into UN’s Post-2015 Development Process

As the Millennium Development Goals are expiring in 2015, the UN and Member States also discussed their strategy on water-related challenges for the Post-2015 era, which is likely to include the development of new “Sustainable Development Goals”.

The Mumbai conference was one of our most comprehensive conferences. I especially enjoyed meeting and sharing ideas with business people from both the private and public sectors in India, who are using modern technology, including drip irrigation, to improve sustainability.

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