Drip for Medlar in China

One of the fascinating things about our work is the variety of applications and conditions in which we are challenged to deliver the most innovative drip irrigation solutions. Recently, we were selected to complete the first phase of a fascinating project in China for our customer, The Baofeng Group, the largest private enterprise in Ningxia Autonomous Region in northwest China. We spent more than 4 months installing the first stage for a drip irrigation solution for the Ningxia Baofeng Ecological Farm Co. Ltd., on a 4,000 ha. medlar plantation.
Medlar, for those of you who are not familiar with this fruit, is Mespilus germanica, a large shrub indigenous to southwest Asia and southeastern Europe which has been very popular since ancient times. If you get a chance to try medlar, we recommend you do so. You’ll enjoy it!

A Visionary Sustainable Development Project

Working with a local irrigation partner in the region, we installed a full drip irrigation system, complete with automated Crop Management Technology (CMT), under a major solar array. In these challenging and unusual conditions, we dug channels to house irrigation dripperlines and installed all relevant equipment – all the while, this very same land that was being prepared for irrigation was yielding thousands of KwH of renewable electricity for the region.

The medlar plantation is expected to deliver high-quality, water-efficient yields while a scarce arable land resource provides power for the Ningxia Region. This is a visionary sustainable development project that combines the best of current technologies to grow more with less. more output, less water, less energy, less land. Netafim and our local partners were proud to support this leading-edge initiative in China.

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  1. Sutham says:

    It seems that NingXia medlar in this case is actually wolfberry or Goji berry, the super food widely cultivated in China as opposed to Mespilus germanica or “common medlar”. Just my two cents.

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