Combating climate change – Advancing the SDGs


One of the lesser known effects of climate change is the reduction in agricultural productivity – for each 1 degree of temperature increase, grain yields decline by about 5%. The UN states that maize, wheat and other major crops experienced significant yield reductions of 40 megatonnes per year globally between 1981 and 2002 due to a warmer climate. While this is only one example of the way climate change is creating immense challenges for our sustainable life on this planet, especially as the global population continues to grow, climate-smart agriculture is something we at Netafim know a little more about than most.

UN SDG Goal 13 is a call to climate action. It urges us to work together across geographies and across sectors to align our efforts to bring the planet ecosystems back into balance. Specific targets established to advance this goal include: strengthening our resilience to climate-related hazards, integrating climate change measures into national policies, and by extension, business activities, and improving education and awareness.

climateWe at Netafim support action to combat climate change in several ways. As a contributor the development of the SDGs through our participation in the UN Global Compact LEAD initiative and other working groups that we actively engage with, we have always campaigned for a proactive approach to facilitating use of drip irrigation for farmers around the world. Our drip irrigation solutions help save energy, water and fertilizers, reducing the resource burden on the planet while increasing yields far beyond the 5% lost through climate change to date. Finally, as a business operation with 16 manufacturing plants around the world and a complex network of logistics and distribution, we are always striving to reduce our in-house resource consumption and emit fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs). In fact, over the past three years we have consistently increased operational efficiencies and generated fewer GHG emissions for each meter of irrigation dripperline we deliver to our customers.

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