Coffee break in Addis Ababa

Earlier this month, we were delighted to participate in the 15th African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition in Addis Ababa. It was a time to listen and learn and share. We were delighted with the opportunity to meet and talk with many farmers and agri-professionals from around the region, and also, present our Smart Irrigation and NutrigationTM solutions for coffee farmers in Africa. More than 200 guests from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, etc. came to visit our booth and engaged with us on great coffee growing. Benefits for coffee farmers include up to 300% higher yields than rain-fed fields, greater uniformity of coffee beans and fewer resources required in cultivation.

In addition to meeting farmers at our booth, Netafim’s head of commercial activities and business development for Africa, Elad Levi, made a presentation in a plenary conference session about our Financial Solutions for Agriculture Ventures to help farmers understand the opportunities available to help them get on track with drip.

Although we work all over the world in tens of countries, our solutions are always specifically local. Local conditions, climate, land and water quality, crop types, varieties … many variables change the way we apply our irrigation solutions to help farmers grow more with less. The opportunity to engage with coffee farmers in Africa helped us understand even more about local needs so that we can tailor our solutions more closely. We are already looking forward to the next African Fine Coffees Conference!
Read more about Netafim and our solutions for coffee growers.

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