Better in Brazil: Coffee and Cocoa

“Following our discussions in Brazil, we understood even more clearly than before, that whatever the challenges, the same technology can be applied to help growers deliver higher yields of better quality cocoa and coffee. Nutrigation™ works for coffee and cocoa, wherever you grow.” So commented Natan Barak, Netafim’s Head of Commercial, Americas Division, following a resoundingly successful first-ever 2017 (ICCS) International Coffee & Cocoa Seminar hosted by Netafim.
ICCS was held over three days in March 2017 in Brazil’s Mina Gerais region.

ICCS attracted 140 delegates – growers, buyers, agronomists, economists and academics – from Europe, Americas, Africa and Israel. In three full days of sharing, learning and debate, delegates heard from prominent experts in coffee and cocoa agriculture, such as Alexandre Mendonça de Barros, PhD, a leading expert in agricultural economics and José Basílio Vieira Leite, PhD, an agrarian sciences expert and Head of CEPLAC Growers Association in Brazil.

On day three, delegates visited the farm Saint Helena at Serra do Salitre, where owner Jayme Miranda presented 160 ha of drip-irrigated Arabica coffee and farm Morro Grande, where owner Jose Sierra Netto displayed more than 360 ha of drip-irrigated Arabica coffee. Both clearly demonstrated the tangible benefits of drip irrigation. Check out Jose Sierra Netto’s story in this video:

A key focus at ICCS was the multiple benefits of Nutrigation™, including coffee yields 30%-50% higher than crops grown without Nutrigation™, and yields of cacao six times higher than the global average. These are benefits that all farmers can realize, both traditional coffee farmers from Africa as well as new growers in Central and South America who are developing expansive coffee plantations with an emphasis on alternative coffee types and tastes. Even though coffee and cacao are commodity crops, farmers can earn significantly higher prices for better quality, in addition to increased yields.

At ICCS, the original Nutrigation™ visionary, Ami Charytan, former CEO of Netafim, presented his expertise relating to new ways of coffee and cocoa farming and joined the field visits. Ami has always been a promoter of knowledge sharing and it is in part due to his vision and encouragement that we hosted this first seminar and hopefully many more in the future.

At an evening during ICCS, honoring Ami Charytan for his contribution over many years to advancing coffee and cacao growing in Brazil. Left to right: Natan Barak, Ami Charytan (Netafim), Flávia Souto, Carlos Sanches, Lucas Dutra (Netafim Brazil).

For more information about Nutrigation™ solutions for your coffee and cacao, or to get on our list for next year’s ICCS:  Contact us

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