At the root of the finest coffee is drip

Every time you see someone enjoying a great cup of coffee, just think that a dedicated farmer overcame significant challenges to grow the beans that provide such distinctive flavor and quality. For centuries, coffee growers have struggled with the high sensitivity of coffee cultivation in time of water scarcity or, on the other hand, the problems of water logging and nutrient leaching in wet seasons. Farmers must contend with a shallow active root system of most coffee plants which makes provision of water and nutrients a very precise farming skill. It’s definitely not by chance that coffee has become so popular!

At Netafim, we are truly familiar with the challenges farmers face and we have made it our mission to help them deliver better and bigger yields with optimum crop uniformity. Suitable for small-to-large-scale coffee bean plantations, Netafim’s Nutrigation™ systems and Crop Management Technology (CMT) are installed across hundreds of thousands of hectares worldwide, including over 6,000ha of new plantations each year. Overcoming water deficit and nutrient deficiency during critical growth stages, Netafim’s irrigation systems increase yields by up to 200-300%, lead to water savings of 20-50% plus enhanced nutrient and land utilization. Drip irrigation typically yields 3.7 tons/ha versus 2.4 tons/ha in rain-fed coffee fields.

In Africa, we continue to expand our presence in several countries on this awesome continent, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and more. One of the benefits we bring to African growers is the learning and successes from other markets. In Brazil, for example, irrigation has brought incredible results. Netafim customer, Jose Serra Netto, attests to recovering the investment in drip irrigation within one year. For example, providing nutrients to 360 acres of coffee plants is completed in 2 days with drip. Previously, two tractors were required for 15 days to complete the same job. Watch his story.

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If you’re planning to attend the 15th African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition in Addis Ababa in February 2017, be sure to visit us at our booth #G04 and engage with Elad Levi, Netafim’s Head of Commercial Activities & Business Development in Africa, who will speak on financing solutions for small holders.

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