NATYI’m Naty Barak,┬áNetafim Chief Sustainability Officer, and I am the main contributor to Netafim’s blog. The blog is dedicated mainly to questions of sustainability, sustainable irrigation and agriculture, drip irrigation, water use and water efficiency related topics. The stories and the opinions expressed are mine (or my colleagues when attributed as such), and do not reflect the opinion of Netafim. For information about Netafim and its products please go to www.netafim.com

You are invited to leave your comments, messages and questions and I will do my best to answer, sometimes with help from my colleagues.

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  1. Oladimeji Ogunlana says:

    Please send your brochure with prices of your product to my email.

  2. fadhili Nswila says:

    We want to establish youth development farm in chunya Mbeya Tanzania , since the area is all the tie dry we want to use drilling bore holes and dam construction for irrigation purpose may we have full contact of you so that we immediately start deep discussion

  3. GASTO NESTOR says:

    hello; i really need to know the sub drip irrigation installation costs and tools like emitter pipes and if you have offices in Kenya or Tanzania it would be great. I’ve left you my contacts.

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