Preaching what I practice

For years I have been telling stories about how Netafim was founded and how we have been practicing sustainability even before the environment was a global concern. I was recently invited to read a friend’s blog and realized that a blog could be a perfect vehicle to fulfill my role as Head of Sustainable Development and tell my stories about our interesting history.  It is a fulfillment of Netafim’s mission to share its knowledge of sophisticated irrigation technologies for sustainable agriculture.

I can use this stage to voice the concerns that I have witnessed with regards to water scarcity, and food and land shortages. I can share the ideas and innovations in the field. As a member of the UN CEO Water Mandate’s steering committee, I can bring updates on our activities and the various perspectives of Mandate’s members. I can bring interesting case studies of Netafim’s clients and partners, and much more.

I think one of the most important aspects of this medium is the development of a bi-directional channel to our community. I look forward to hearing your opinion about the blog and ideas for future entries. Please send your comments, ideas and requests to

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