Decision Support CMT System – The Move from Data to Knowledge

By: Lior Doron - Crop Management Technology Director Growers from around the world use control systems to automatically perform all operations required in their fields, such as irrigation, fertilization, cooling, and temperature and humidity control in the greenhouse. Unfortunately, the adoption of advanced control and monitoring technologies by farmers around the world has been very slow. Studies showed that the one of the main reasons for such low use is that these systems are offering data and not information. So there … Full article click here >>

Introducing Nano-Irrigation – Netafim’s Ultra Low Flow Irrigation Technology

This is the first of several blog posts, in which I will be hosting Netafim’s agronomic experts, product managers, and regional experts, who will discuss how our sustainability approach is translated into technologies, products, and best practices. In this post Natan Barak, Netafim’s Marketing Director, will discuss nano-irrigation, Netafim’s latest technological breakthrough. I hope you enjoy it. Yours truly, Naty Barak Introducing Nano-Irrigation – Netafim’s Ultra Low Flow Irrigation Technology By: Natan Barak, Netafim’s Marketing Director Drip irrigation has come a … Full article click here >>

The shift towards irrigation of staple food crops with drip irrigation – Part 2

In this second part I will examine how several contributing factors and new solutions have matured to form the basis for this worldwide revolution that can help feed the world’s growing population for years to come. Read the first part of this article New solutions to these challenges Lately, we have been seeing a dramatic change, which has created the basis for solving the challenges mentioned in my previous post: Water shortages and droughts Water shortages and droughts are not … Full article click here >>

The shift towards irrigation of staple food crops with drip irrigation – Part 1

Since our establishment, Netafim’s main philosophy has been to provide solutions for sustainable agriculture, by providing technology that allows growers to produce better and more yields using less resources. Our vision has always been to bring modern technology in order to cope with the world’s growing population, in a reality of limited water and land resources. As I will explain in this post, today several contributing factors have matured to form the basis for this worldwide revolution that can help … Full article click here >>

Watec 2013 Conference

Netafim was one of close to 200 Israeli and foreign participants at the Water Technology and Environment Control (Watec) exhibition and conference, which took place in Tel Aviv from October 22 to 24, 2013. It was an opportunity for me to mingle and exchange ideas and experiences with government officials, agriculture workers, and water company managers from Israel and around the world. Session On Water Technologies For Emerging Markets I was invited to participate in a session on water technologies … Full article click here >>

UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013 – Architects of a Better World

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Last month (September 19 – 20), I participated in the triennial UN Global Compact Leaders Summit that took place at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. I felt honored to be among the 1,000 CEOs and leaders from the business and investment community, labor and academia, as well as civil society, Government, and the United Nations present at this event. The purpose of this event was to unveil a new global architecture for corporate sustainability by the participants helping … Full article click here >>

“The road ahead is long” – the SIWA award recognized our achievements while encouraging us to continue our journey towards sustainability

I have just returned from the Stockholm Industry Water Award ceremony in Stockholm and my heart is filled with pride. Yes, Stockholm has definitely smiled at us with a warm welcome and great weather. In addition to receiving the water industry’s most prestigious award, the SIWA award, my feeling of accomplishment was also attributed to the fact that drip irrigation was “in everyone’s mouths”. After so many years of hard work in countless forums, I can definitely say that today … Full article click here >>

Prestigious Water Industry Award Will Drive Us Even Harder

We’re very excited about the fact that the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) recently named Netafim the recipient of the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA). This prestigious award recognizes the business sector’s contribution to sustainable water management, and is granted each year to one company that has demonstrated devoted water stewardship. Receiving SIWA, one of the most important awards in the water industry, represents a significant milestone for Netafim. Upon our establishment in 1965, we helped small-scale growers in … Full article click here >>

Netafim “Sustainability in a Snapshot” Contest

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Last week, Netafim launched the “Sustainability in a Snapshot” contest. We have launched this contest on our Facebook page, the same week as the 43rd annual international Earth Day, otherwise known as environmental awareness day, to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. The way the contest works is that participants post photos that depict sustainability. The contestant with the photo that gets the most LIKEs has a chance of becoming the winner of a tablet! Environmental Sustainability is at Netafim’s Core … Full article click here >>

Global Compact CEO Water Mandate in Mumbai, India

From March 5-7, I attended the Conference on Corporate Water Stewardship of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate conference in Mumbai, India. The sessions in this multi-stakeholder conference focused on a wide range of water-related challenges facing India and the world in general, as well as the spectrum of actions that companies are taking in India and elsewhere to mitigate water risk and support more sustainable water management. Randhir Chauhan Presents Netafim India’s Success Stories in Drip Irrigation Achieving … Full article click here >>