Partnering with Farmers for Success

Over the years we have become experts in large and small farming projects, cooperative irrigation schemes and regional development projects. We understand the unique constraints every farmer faces – soil and water quality, water accessibility and quality, energy challenges, and many more. Watch Arnon Rosenbaum, Head of our Global Project Unit, give an expert presentation of Netafim’s global activities at Agritech 2015. This presentation is the third in a series of three expert presentations that were given at Argritech 2015. … Full article click here >>

Drip irrigation is synonymous with profitable planting in São Paulo State, Brazil

By Niv Dardik, Head of Global Sugarcane Unit at Netafim. One of the most important elements we think about in times of drought crisis is saving water. Supplies are usually abundant in Brazil, which has 12% of the world’s freshwater and less than 3% of the world’s population. Apart from the arid north-eastern Cerrado, its cities are normally more likely to be plagued with floods than droughts. With big rivers like the Amazon and Paraná, the country generally meets 80% … Full article click here >>

Drip irrigation for rice – proving that rice roots are not lazy!

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For over a decade Netafim has been leading the way in growing rice with drip irrigation and not in paddies. This is just one of the solutions presented by Dubi Raz, Netafim’s Corporate Agronomy Director in an Expert Lecture during Agritech 2015. See the challenges facing today’s farmers, along with some of the solutions Netafim is offering, in the field of water savings, modern mechanized solutions, and more. This is just one of three expert talks presented at Agritech 2015, … Full article click here >>

Leading the Way with Smart Irrigation Solutions

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Farmers today are facing many challenges, and Netafim is there to help. Our smart irrigation solutions can increase yields and lower costs, even if the quality of water is less than perfect. Watch Yoav Zeif, President of the Americas and Head of Product Offering & Marketing, at Agritech 2015 and learn about Netafim’s smart irrigation solutions, the industry’s latest and most innovative solution.

Made in Germany | Nurturing the German-Israeli Connection

Netafim’s 50th anniversary is not the only event being celebrated in Israel this year; 2015 is also the 50-year anniversary of the establishment of relations between Israel and Germany. To mark the occasion, the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Israel), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the German-Israeli Economic Association (DIW) hosted a full slate of events in Tel Aviv at the end of June. The program included a gala dinner at which Germany’s justice minister and … Full article click here >>

Bringing About Change for Women Smallholders

By Rachel Shaul, Head Of Corporate Marketing & External Affairs at Netafim The theme of Expo Milano 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” is close to Netafim’s heart. One related event in which I had the privilege of participating was last week’s Women’s Forum Italy in Milan. The Women’s Forum Italy is an initiative of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and Valore D, an association of Italian companies supporting women’s leadership in the corporate world. The forum is … Full article click here >>

Helping African Smallholders Fight Water and Food Scarcity

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By Danny Ariel, Project Manager Sugarcane & Small holders at Netafim Water availability has always been a major challenge for African smallholders. So it should have come as no surprise that one of the seminars at Expo Milano 2015 focused on “Water & Agriculture in Africa: grow more with less.” I had the privilege of speaking at the seminar, which was held last week, on the subject “Family Drip Systems: From subsistence to commercial farming.” Over 70 people from academia … Full article click here >>

The Importance of Partnerships

The third video in the series taped at the Partnering for Innovation program I participated in discusses technology and the transfer of ‘know how’. We don’t design cheap products for the poorer smallholders in Africa. The technology is exactly the same for them and for the multi million dollar projects in Texas. The ‘know how’ is the same. The challenge is finding a platform to transfer it. Working with 200 smallholders is complex and requires working together in partnerships for … Full article click here >>

Challenges of working with smallholders

This is the second video in a series taped at Fintrac in Washington DC during a discussion about our partnership at the Partnering for Innovation program I participated in. In this video there was an opportunity for the team to learn more about Netafim and our work with smallholders as well as financing. The biggest challenge is financing. Organizing the farmers into a critical mass is another one, as well as training, which is not for just a week or two, … Full article click here >>

Land, Water and Smallholders

We have a strategic interdisciplinary group at Netafim talking about smallholders. This is the future. As a business, we cannot ignore 500 million smallholder farmers. The only place where there is large reserves of arable land and water is Africa. Still there is a difference between economical water scarcity and physical water scarcity. They have the water but they cannot bring it to the field. Our focus is then on Africa and on smallholders. But, we cannot do it alone … Full article click here >>